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Relay Repair

Repairing your PGM-Fi Main Relay.


Repairing your main relay is very simple, and requires only a few tools:

  • Soldering Iron, mains powered around 25w is fine.
  • Good Quality Solder.
  • De-soldering tool - pump style, braid or de-solder station if you are lucky.
  • Stiff paintbrush - optional.
  • IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) cleaning Solvent - optional.
1. Bend back one of the retaining clips and lift up one side of the relay, then repeat with the other side.
2. The relay should now be free from the housing.
3. Slide the relay from the housing. Note that it only fits one way.

4. We have to remove the old solder from the board. I recommend you only de-solder and re-solder one connection as a time as there is a chance some of the components may fall out the board inside the relay requiring it to be dismantled.

5. Now re-solder the connections making sure you use enough heat to fully flow the joint - compare your joints to the picture. They should have a shiny finish. If the finish on your joints is dull, you are probably using a poor quality solder, or not enough heat.
6. Next we can remove the flux from the board. This isn't strictly required but it's nice to finish the job properly. Spray on plenty of IPA solvent and use the brush to remove the flux, you may need to do this a couple of times to get rid of it all. This will make a bit of a mess.

The relay can now be clipped back into its housing and refitted to the car.